I am a current high school math teacher, athlete, coach, mom of two girls, and a girl raised to believe I could play with anyone and do anything. I want for all girls to feel empowered and believe they can too with hard work (even failures along the way) and of course some fun.

April 2015 I heard a story of a local second grader who was teased for the clothes she wore to school. The same week I heard of a first grader questioning her body because kids at school told her she had big arm muscles. I then started talking to more elementary school aged girls and one shared how she was told by an adult she couldn’t play tag with the boys at recess.

So I invited girls in the community to come PLAY and show me what they CAN do…in their most favorite comfy clothes.

I could see how proud the girls were. So I got high school students involved as mentors.

I landed with hundreds of photos and so began My Strong is Beautiful because all girls have strength and beauty, inside and out, and in their own way.

You see, girls involved in sports and physical activity are:*

  • More likely to lead a healthier life.
  • Less likely to get into drugs and alcohol, or smoking.
  • Less likely to get cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic diseases.
  • Less likely to get pregnant as a teenager.
  • Have lower rates of depression.
  • Are more likely to get higher grades and more likely to graduate.

*Citation for the above bullets: Staurowsky, E. J., DeSousa, M. J., Miller, K. E., Sabo, D., Shakib, S., Theberge, N., Veliz, P., Weaver, A., & Williams, N. (2015). Her Life Depends On It III: Sport, Physical Activity, and the Health and Well-Being of American Girls and Women. East Meadow, NY: Women’s Sports Foundation.

Additionally, research by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW shows a background in sport improves leadership potential in women.  More specifically, among senior business women in the C-suite, 94% played sports and over half played at a university level.



Girls continue to be impacted by the persistent stereotypes that discourage girls from participating in sports.

We need YOU to help share, promote, join, and mentor young girls so they are empowered to have the “I can” attitude and be their best, happiest version of themselves.