Strong Girls

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Strong Girls after school program and curriculum is a 6-8 week program created by Lani Silversides for Elementary (& now Middle School!) girls focused on:

  • Different skills and sports each week including push-ups, sit-ups, planks, jumps, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, yoga, etc.
  • Consistent connections between lessons learned through sports and life skills, including teamwork, communication, setting goals, trying new things, etc.
  • Introductory activities to mindfulness each week.
  • Having a supportive and fun environment for girls to learn new things and build on skills for having an empowering mindset (including growth mindset, appreciation for mistakes, confidence, pride, compassion, goal setting, etc.)
  • Mentorship! Programs are led by strong female athlete role models which in turn has shown to keep young girls in the game for longer.

Programs currently run in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York creating a larger team. T-shirts and all materials for the girls are included as well as detailed lesson plans for the leaders and coaches. All you need is to rally some mentors and bring some energy to make a HUGE difference in young girls’ lives.

STRONG GIRLS participants

Strong girls helped me because when I go to the park with my dad I say like “can we pass the ball to each other.” So now I really like playing sports. When I grow up I want to play basketball more often.

Maggie, 8

Brooklyn, NY

She’s willing to try sports she gave up on years ago thanks to the confidence from this program. I caught her teaching her three year old brother the correct positioning for throwing a ball today too. She’s a changed girl because of you, thanks so much for bringing it to the school!

Strong Girl Parent

Letter to the coach

Strong girls helped me because now I feel more confident playing sports and I don’t care what other people think. Each time I went it helped me with a lot of sports and it made me much stronger. I learned at strong girls if you fail you always have another chance to try again.

Eva, 8

Brooklyn, NY

Strong girls helped me with many. I would have been the kid with no push up skills and I did fall on my face the last time I did sports but not in strong girls. In gym we do a thing called a pacer test and we need to do 20 or more push ups. Before I started this program I could not do it at all. But strong girls has taught me to get up and try again.

Gemma, 8

Brooklyn, NY

Being part of the strong girls leadership team has let me connect with the community near Hamilton College. I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and help young girls play sports and strive to be the best version of themselves. I participate in the strong girls program because I want all young girls to have confidence and believe that they can play sports! I want them to take pride in their athletic ability and through strong girls I am able to see them strive towards there athletic potential while having a blast!

Kelli, Junior in college

Hamilton College Leadership Team


Hear it from a strong girl, herself!

Where are we now…

Brooklyn, NY

Elementary School programs

York, ME

Elementary & Middle School Programs

Hamilton College, Clinton, NY

Elementary & Middle School programs

Andover, MA

Elementary School programs

Red Deer, Alberta

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